Meatball Truck

We Are Meatball Mafia

We're two Italian American brothers originally from the greatest Italian American place on Earth; Youngstown, Ohio. After 14 years of living in Columbus, I couldn't help but miss the flavors of my beloved Youngstown! We've brought that hometown flavor to our truck, which has been operating in central Ohio since 2016.

I'm Sure You've Heard

Magazine Article

As we learned the ins and outs of our new business, we began to get noticed!
in our first year, we were honored to be listed among 614 Magazines' best new trucks!

This helped us get the word out, especially among former residents of Youngstown here in central Ohio. I am forever grateful for their ongoing support!

To this day, a large percentage of our private party bookings come from former steel valley residents. Youngstown is truly forever.

In 2017 we took home 2nd place at Columbus Food Truck Fest (largest food truck festival in the midwest). This past year we outdid ourselves and won 1st place, as the champions of Columbus Food Truck Fest 2018!

(will we repeat?)